Since 2013, A1Towing has been proudly serving Michigan & Ohio drivers in times of need. Our commitment to our customers has helped us to become one of the fastest growing towing companies in the State.

A1 Towing has become a trusted partner with law enforcement to help and assist clearing accident scenes. We currently have contracts in place with Carleton Police, Monroe Country Sheriff and the Michigan State Police to help assist them. We take pride in the work we do and are honored to be working with such an important group of professionals in our community.

To provide our customers with the best service possible, we have a fleet of 19 trucks with 7 certified operators on hand, ready to go to meet you and your vehicle, no matter what you need or where you need it. As soon as you’ve alerted one of our dispatchers, “I Need A1!” we’ll have a nearby driver come to your aid. Our goal is to get you into a shop or back on the road safely in as short period of time as possible.


A1 Accident Scene Management: From taking pictures of the scene to securing your vehicle, supervision over recoveries, assisting with traffic control, lighting and so much more. Making sure everyone involved in the situation is protected during each event.
Our people are real pros and we take pride in that!